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2021-10-16 Shipment of 800PCS Kitchen Pop up Socket to Russia

2021-10-16 Shipment of 800PCS Kitchen Pop up Socket to Russia

Boente’s Shipment of of 800PCS Kitchen Pop up Socket to Russia


Today, we have shipped the 800.00PCS kitchen Pop up Socket to Russia.This cargos will be sent to customs supervision warehouse Baiyun, Guangzhou.


This Russia customer very trust us,they will send us order every month. They have chosen the most popular models with customized configuration.

Our kitchen Pop up Socket series are selling good on the market.


Why chose us?

Our kitchen power socket with usb wireless charger.

The configuration of the kitchen pull up socket could be customized as per customer's different requirement.

Touch the top button, socket will verticle pop up from kitchen counter for power and usb charger.

It is widly use in office furniture, modern kitchen system, smart home office, hotel and school furniture….


We are the professional manufacturer in the conference media sockets.

Our socket can use in advanced office, hotel, home, training room.lecture room...

All the multi-functional sockets could be rotate 180 degree to whatever position as needed. All Configuration on desktop socket could be hidden under table if unused and would be rotating into the tabletop by automatically.

Welcome to contact with our BNT team if you are interested.

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