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New products:BLL45-21.5,21.5 inch ultra-thin motorized retractable screen

New products:BLL45-21.5,21.5 inch ultra-thin motorized retractable screen

New products:BLL45-21.5,21.5 inch ultra-thin monitor retractable screen ,developed for Italian government projects

In 2019-9,our Italian customer told us he had a project about conference system which needed to be equiped the 21.5inch ultra-think motorized retractable screen with 45-60 degreed display angle.So we had a deep discussion and finally developed BLL45-21.5,21.5 inch LED monitor lift and finished the shipment on 2019-11-9.

There is introudction of BLL45-21.5 as above: 

BLL45-21.5 Introduction:
Computer LCD motorized lift is a new design of electrical lifting monitor mechanism with screen tilting function. It’s a hidden equipment for audio video conference system.
LCD/LED monitor could arising up to the tabletop if user would to present information by wireless controller. And the LCD/LED monitor would be tilting 45~60 degree for prefect presentation automatically once arrived the desktop socket.
LCD/LED monitor would moving back from 60 degree position and coming down into the mechanism case if user finished meeting.
LCD motorized lift featured by stable performance, automatic operation & space saving. With its smart function, it provides an efficient manner and enjoyable experience in conference communication and information presentation for meeting.
BLL45-21.5 Feature:

1,It is a ultra-thin motorized retractable screen lift with 21.5 inch LCD monitor,aspect artion:16:9.

2, Made of aluminum alloy panel and steel case, adopt imported circuit board, synchronous motor,and gear & rack.

3, Aluminum oxidation with drawing polishing surface process to make panel smooth and bright, ensure elegant and high grade appearance
4, Adopt double powerful motor, one motor to control monitor lifting up and down from mechanism, another motor control monitor tilting 45~60 degree angle and back.
5, Smart circuit board offer monitor protection, monitor could be power on once arrived the desktop, monitor could be power off if reach the bottom automatically.
6, Adopting superior gear appliance with double rack to ensure stable and reliable lifting for screen
7, Provide screen angel adjustable button, 45~60 degree screen to offer prefect reading area for information presentation.
8, Working smoothly and quietly during operation. Low noise which less than 30db.
9, Complicated with AMX/Crestron or other central controller via RS232 port.

LCD Monitor Lift is widely used on conference system, like video conference system, tv conference system, financial analyzing system, advanced office system, lecture and training room with conference table& computer desk together.


Item SeriesLCD Monitor Lift
StyleLCD lift without monitor
materialaluminum brushed panel
panel size600*106*5mm
box size575*105*650mm 
panel thickness5 mm

tilting angle

colorBlack/ Silver 
monitor size21.5 Inch


Testing photos after production:



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